Viewing Binary Data

Rod Haper rhaper at
Sun Jan 8 14:13:53 EST 2006

Paul Watson wrote:
> Cuyler wrote:
>> I would like to display a file in its binary form (1s and 0s), but I'm
>> having no luck... Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
> If you are on a UNIX system, or on Windows with Cygwin, you can use the 
> 'od' command to dump a file in hex or octal.
>     man od
>     od -Ax -tx1

And if you're on a Linux system and have KDE loaded, use the KHexEdit 
utility.  KHexEdit can display the file in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, 
binary or text format, swap endians, search, filter, etc.  It's a very 
sweet utility.

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