PythonWin: logging module not showing messages from imported modules

jmdeschamps at jmdeschamps at
Fri Jan 6 13:17:58 EST 2006

rodrigostrauss at wrote:
> Having the following code:
> ==== ====
> import logging
> def X():
>   logging.error('test')
> If I import it into PythonWin console and call X(), the error message
> is not printed. If I do the same in Python console the message is
> printed. Do I need to configure the logging module or it's a problem
> with PythonWin?
> If I call logging.error() in the PythonWin console it works like a
> charm. The problem is just regarding imported modules.
> Rodrigo Strauss

Do you *run* module1 before attempting to call X() from the interactive

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