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Thu Jan 19 12:39:18 CET 2006

Tim Parkin wrote:
> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
[various stuff]
> It would be apparent to you if you'd read around (even within this list)
> that the website is ultimately intended to have 'through the web'
> editing tools. You'd also know that one of the biggest acheivements so
> far is the separation of template from data from content so that
> 'information sets' actually exist in the first place. This also means
> that when someone designs a better template (as they may well do) it can
> be easily changed in the future.
> We also don't really want to have a proliferation of text formats and as
> a lot of the website is already written using restructured text, this is
> the format thats been recommended. A wiki is not a website and to try to
> shoehorn a wiki into a content management system is not a good final
> goal. We are adding facilities to use the wiki to manage some pages in
> near future as part of migration.
> However, the priority was to do certain things first.
> 1) Separate content from data from presentation is as complete a way as
> possible (for which nevow templates, which contain no programmatic
> componenets are suitable).
> 2) Ensure that the system is usable using basic text editing tools
> 3) Build the website using the latest techniques ensuring accessibility
> and usability. The site is XHTML and uses CSS for layout. It also offers
> legacy style sheets for netscape and has been tested in speech readers
> and text browsers. how quaint..
> 4) Needed someone to actually do something ....
> The last item seems to be the one that has hit the most hurdles. As I
> remember you were a member of the marketing list and have had many
> opportunities to contribute constructively at planning time.
> If you could choose to be constructive in either offering useful changes
> that would make sense at this point in time or offereing to provide help
> that would be greatly appreciated.
> I'm afraid I won't be able to respond at length to any more posts..
> There is still a lot of work to be done to get the website live.
The most valid point that Fredrik makes is the convenience and 
desirability of through-the-web editing. I hope he'll use some of his 
undoubted energy to examine the current systems design and produce a 
through-the-web interface for us. Once the new documentation site is up 
and running, that is :-)

Seriously, I'm not aware of anything about the current design that would 
prohibit through-the-web editing. Neither am I aware of anyone spending 
the time to produce it. As you indicated, there are other priorities 
just at the moment.

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