OT: excellent book on information theory

Steven D'Aprano steve at REMOVEMEcyber.com.au
Thu Jan 19 05:33:38 CET 2006

Roger Upole wrote:

>>I wouldn't have figured out that a "car park" was a parking lot.  I
>>might have thought it was a park where you go to look at scenery from
>>inside your car.  Sort of a cross between a normal park and a drive-in
> Just as another isolated data point, the first time I saw the
> expression "car park", I went and looked it up.  Even
> though from the context the meaning seemed obvious,
> I was left with some doubts as to whether it might have
> some more specific connotations.  For instance, it could
> have referred to a metered lot, or to a parking garage
> with time tickets, or even some kind of valet parking.

But a car park can be any one of those things, or 
something else such as an unmetered lot.


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