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tim timvets at
Fri Jan 13 07:27:04 EST 2006

>The module can be used with both standard Tkinter and Tix, and makes it
>quite easy to e.g. drop a bunch of files from a file manager onto any
>Tkinter widget.
>It comes with a basic reference manual and a small demo app.
>It can be found at
>Any feedback is much appreciated.
>Best regards

Hi Michael and list,

I tried to run (win XP, Python2.4).

but get:

  File "C:\Documents and 
line 333, in _require
    tkdndver ='package', 'require', 'tkdnd')
TclError: can't find package tkdnd

Probably something went wrong installing tkdnd.
I got the libtkdnd10.dll from but am not so sure 
where to put it.
The installation section on

'If your platform is *Microsoft Windows*, then allong with the 
distribution there is a stubs enabled dynamic library (dll) that was 
built against tk8.4a1, with the use of VC++ 5.0. If you cannot use the 
provided binary, then you can always create the required library by 
using the VC++ project files located in the "win" directory of the tkDND 
distribution. In all other cases, you should create the library only 
from the files located in the directories "win" (*.cpp *.h) and 
"generic" (*.c *.h). You will need a C++ compiler for this.'

wasn't very helpful for me.

Maybe someone can give me a simple howto for installing this?

thank you,

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