[IDE] - The Dynamic Opportunity - ActiveState Komodo IDE / Open Source

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Sat Jan 28 16:00:40 EST 2006

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>> As a first step, a free personal edition (non-commercial and academic
>> use) would help to spread the Komodo IDE within the communities.
> Yeah, and ActiveState makes up the loss in income on volume, eh?

The personal edition costs currently $29,95.

A $0,- personal edition would spread around quickly.

Commercial users still have to order/upgrade the professional version 

> I've got no problem paying for good work.

This is not about paying for good work or not.

It is about an opportunity for ActiveState and the dynamic language 


It is about a weaknesses-of [1] and upcoming/existent threats-for [2] 
the ActiveState Komodo IDE.

After implementing the initial step (free personal edition), the 
situation would change slightly:

*Strength*: free edition for non-commercial and educational use *available*.

*Strength*: simplified distribution due to no-cost version (which could 
be packaged e.g. within distributions which have not strict open-source 
requirements. ActiveState would keep his rights).

Those (and the other existent) strengths would not be enouth to deal 
with the threat [2].

Further steps would be necessary (like a step by step transformation to 
open source).

The NetBeans IDE [end of 2004 - current status unknown] contained 
several non-open-source binaries, thus it was "partial open source" and 
not "open source", as it was marketed.

ActiveState could follow this example initially (whilst clarifying the 
status "patial open source" of course).

Step by step, more and more binaries would be released into open source, 
allowing this way ActiveState to go slowly through the process of 
applying the necessary changes (including 'mentality'-change of the 
staff and the developers).

The license could(!) be similar to the eclipse foundation's one.


Hope this has clarified the topic further.


both excerpts below are taken from:


     * Komodo Free Edition Not Available
           o Could have e.g. negative influence on Open-Source-Communities
           o Reduces distribution


a) Initial Step: ActiveState should make the Komodo personal edition 
"free of charge".
*Commercial* users still need to upgrade to the *professional* version 
for a license fee.


This would most possibly lead to *spreading* the IDE *widely* within the 
dynamic language communities and would attract users which look for a 
free IDE (which partially will update to the professional version).

A free edition would *simplify* the *download* procedure drastically. A 
link "get the free personal edition" from the main page would be enough. 
No license-key required. Quick, Easy and no hassle - get an IDE for 5 
dynamic languages.



eclipse dynamic language support - http://www.eclipse.org/proposals/dltk/
upcoming competitive IDE's (based on eclipse or others)



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