Tomcat authentication from python

Michael Oliver ollie at
Sun Jan 15 17:17:34 CET 2006

I need to access tomcat applications from python, some are Axis/SOAP web
services, and some are file/WebDAV operations.


But so far I cannot get python to authenticate and access
http://localhost:8080/manager/html much less to any of the other


I have found examples for httplib with a base64 Basic Authentication header,
and a urllib2 Authentication Handler, but neither one works.


I am not an experienced python developer, but I am an experienced Java
Developer.  I am using PyDev plugin for Eclipse, I am using Python24.


I can connect to tomcat without authentication for those pages/uri's that do
not require authentication on that tomcat server, so the problem is with the
authentication mechanism in python.  Obviously I can connect to the entire
site and all applications with a browser and programmatically from Java.


Any help greatly appreciated.




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