getting a KeyError:'href' any ideas?

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Thu Jan 5 20:25:54 CET 2006

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Please use less whitespace in your posts in the future. There's really
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> i have an
> href which looks like this:
> <td class="all">
>     <a class="btn" name="D1" href="">
>         </a>
> here is my code
> for incident in row('td', {'class':'all'}):
>                 n = incident.findNextSibling('a', {'class': 'btn'})
>                 link = incident.findNextSibling['href'] + "','"
> any idea what i'm doing wrong here with the syntax?  thanks in advance

It's not the syntax, it's the logic. the a element is not a sibling of
the td element, it's a child. findNextSibling is going to return the
next td, assuming there is one. Trying to index
incident.findNextSibling in the next line is also broken. That's a
method, not an indexable object. So that line will also break.

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