New website ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Jan 19 06:09:56 EST 2006

Tim Parkin wrote:

> How about designing a website and showing us what you think would be a
> good idea?  Or suggesting some way of managing all of the content and
> building the system.

I think I just did that:

    the easiest way to get there would be to use a MoinMoin instance to main-
    tain the content, and a separate renderer to generate static pages for the
    main site (possibly using Cheetah or Kid as template languages).

to which you responded

    A wiki is not a website and to try to shoehorn a wiki into a content manage-
    ment system is not a good final goal.

which is an interesting thing to say at a time when "wikipedia" has
joined "google" and "blog" as the internet things that everyone has
heard about...

> Or taking a screenshot of what is there and modifying it to show how you
> would like it changed.

I have opinions about the backend, and you're turning it into a front-
page design issue ?   or did you wonder what the backend could look
like ?


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