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Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Jan 6 20:20:57 CET 2006

Xavier Morel <xavier.morel at> writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>> The url is Reports of
>> problems would appreciated.
>> If you want to try an online P{ython tool that lets you save code,
>> try
>> Devan L's at
> Mike, may I ask whether that box has been secured? And if yes how?

If you go to my try_python page and click the "Security" heading,
it'll tell you that the interpreter is run in a chrooted sandbox
inside a FreeBSD jail. You don't have access to anything in the file
system but the code needed to run the interpreter. That's all
write-protected, though I do sometimes forget to write-protect an
upgraded file. I've also removed things from the library that weren't
essential to the application.

> Since Python doesn't have any way to secure the interface built-in,
> i'd be interrested in that.

Devan apparently doesn't have as cooperative an ISP, and is working on
securing the interpreter. What he's done may be more interesting.

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