writing large files quickly

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Fri Jan 27 16:10:45 EST 2006

On 2006-01-27, rbt <rbt at athop1.ath.vt.edu> wrote:

> Hmmm... when I copy the file to a different drive, it takes up 
> 409,600,000 bytes. Also, an md5 checksum on the generated file and on 
> copies placed on other drives are the same. It looks like a regular, big 
> file... I don't get it.

Because the filesystem code keeps track of where you are in
that 400MB stream, and returns 0x00 anytime you're reading from
a "hole".  The "cp" program and the "md5sum" just open the file
and start read()ing.  The filesystem code returns 0x00 bytes
for all of the read positions that are in the "hole", just like
Don said:

>> The blocks that were never written are virtual blocks,
>> inasmuch as read() at that location will cause the filesystem
>> to return a block of NULs.

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