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Mon Jan 30 16:14:06 EST 2006

I have written a number of functions and stored them in a file named This keeps all my functions under one roof, and if I
want to use or one or more of them in a program, I can start the
program off with

from myFunctions import f1,f2

Some of these functions require various math routines, so they in turn
have an import line

def f1(x,y):
    from math import log
    k = log(x)

I'd like to import all the math routines just once with a single import
at the top of
and then rewrite all my functions to use this single import i.e.

import math

def f1(x,y):
    k = math.log(x)

However, if I now import one of my functions into a program, i.e.
from myFunctions import f1,f2

f1 and f2 no longer have access the math functions they need. Is there
a way to make python automatically execute all the imports it finds at
the top of so that all these system functions are
visible to the functions in without having to import
them piecemeal?

Thomas Philips

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