Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Fri Jan 27 09:03:45 EST 2006

The new Python site is incredibly boring. Sorry to say this. The old
site is/was amateurish but engaged. Now after ~15 years of existence
Pythons looks like it wants to be popular among directors of a german
job centers. It aims to do everything right but what could be said
worse? The text on the beginners page tries to argue with the potential
users in a pointless monologue. Who wants to read this text? Who wants
to be convinced that Python is *not* slow? "Do you stop beating your
wife?" And where is fun, irony and black humour? Why Python? "Python in
industry" - I see chimneys of 19th century factories, proletarian
heroes as well as futuristic hybrid robots superseeding humanity.
"Python community" - a dutch grand-family photo from the beginning of
the 20ths century - some ( or all? ) of the members are accidentally
looking like Guido, "Python in science" - snake-like RNA strand. It
need not be like this but I wonder about the total lack of personality.


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