ANN: Rur-ple lessons 0.36

André andre.roberge at
Sun Jan 29 18:40:56 EST 2006

Announcing RUR-PLE lessons 0.36

RUR-PLE stands for Roberge's Used Robot: a Python Learning Environment.

This is the first official release of the lessons, separately
from the application.  The lessons are intended as a somewhat
non-typical introduction to programming using Python, that has
been used for other languages (just google "Karel Robot" for
some examples).  The version number (0.36) indicates that
36 complete lessons (plus a few more incomplete ones) are included.
The complete introduction to Python (version 1.0) will
probably include 50 lessons in total.

This version contains more than 50% more material than
what is included in the latest rur-ple release on sourceforge.

A link to the download page can be found at

In 1981, Richard Pattis introduced "Karel the Robot"
as a tool to teach computer programming.
Reeborg is a robot built on the 1981 Pattis' model...
and it is starting to show its age.
It has an oil leak, which allows us to follow its trail.
Its compass is broken; it only knows if it is
facing north or not, unlike Karel who could
determine its orientation with respect to all four cardinal points.

Pattis' Karel the Robot was named after the author Karel Capek,
who popularized the word robot in his play
Rossum's Universal Robots (RUR).
While RUR-PLE shares the basic RUR acronym,
in this case it stands for Roberge's Used Robot.
However, through the magic of Guido van Rossum's Python,
you can learn how to fix it and design a better one,
worthy of the name Rossum's Universal Robot.

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