MySQLdb - Query/fetch don't return result when it *theorically* should

Alan Franzoni at
Wed Jan 18 22:36:39 CET 2006

Il Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:39:09 -0500, Bernard Lebel ha scritto:


1) It would be great if you didn't post four messages in less than an hour
2) Your code is very long! You can't expect many people to run and read it
all! You should post a very small demo program with the very same problem
as your main software. It'll help us a lot.
3) IMHO your problem looks like something related to isolation levels. You
should check with your DB-adapter docs about the issue. You may need to
manually sync/commit the connection or the cursor. Instead of re-creating
the connection, have you tried just creating a new cursor object at every

If you want to do a quick-test, try any ORM, like sqlalchemy or sqlobject,
and check the results.

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