New website ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Jan 19 13:20:36 EST 2006

Gerhard Häring wrote:

> I agree with /F that through-the-web editing would make it more likely
> to get more people on board and get the conversion done in time. Plus it
> would make maintanance easier once the beta from has
> been removed.
> If I see this correctly, Fredrik would volonteer to (help) implement
> something that imports the current content into a Wiki.


> FWIW, I myself am also willing to contribute.

I'm sure we can round up some people over in moinmoin land as well.

> MoinMoin 1.5 sounds perfect for the wiki. It supports ReST if we want
> that, and now also a JavaScript-GUI based WYSIWYG editor.



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