Stackless Python

Xavier Morel xavier.morel at
Sat Jan 7 09:41:55 EST 2006

Some time ago, I finally decided to check what Stackless was (exactly) 
and which were the theorical concepts behind it (continuations and all).

I managed to find some documentations and papers, but most if not all of 
them are related to pre-2.0 Stackless. The issue is, I just can't seem 
to reach the Stackless website ( Some specific 
pages of the site do work (, but the 
index itself always yields a 502 gateway error.

Would anyone have more informations about that? It doesn't seem to be an 
issue on my side (since I tried to access the Stackless site from two 
different connections and 3 computers) but I can't rule it out.

I should also note that Google is no good in this case as mostly yields 
fairly old results...

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