HTTP Session Issue

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 30 08:28:32 EST 2006

Rodolfo S. Carvalho wrote:
> I'm working with a 100% dependecy-free web app for python, and I'm 
> taking an overview about HTTPServer and CGIHTTPRequestHandler. In my 
> researches, I don't found anything about  HTTP Sessions... Can python 
> natively hadle http sessions, or I'll must write with by hand?

The concept of "session" is not directly supported by HTTP, though many 
packages add support for sessions by using cookies or other means.  Many 
web frameworks provide session support (e.g. CherryPy, Twisted, and 
probably just about any other one for that matter) but I don't think 
you'll find it in the standard library modules, which were not intended 
for real production use in any but the simplest applications.


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