Magnus Lycka lycka at
Fri Jan 27 14:29:55 CET 2006

>> Python is an agile programming language often compared to Tcl, Perl,
>> Ruby, Scheme or Java. While it has much in common with them it also has
>> unique features that set it apart.

James Stroud wrote:
> Maybe:
> "Python is an object oriented programming language designed to increase 
> productivity. Though it is often compared to Perl, Tcl, Ruby, Scheme, or 
> Java, it has several powerful features that set it apart."

Definitely better. The first text seems to define Python through
comparision, and that doesn't show a lot of confidence for mature
language like Python. (It's one thing if it was much younger than
the others, but it's somewhere in the middle of that group.)

Agile might be a better buzz-word than object oriented though.

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