Python vs C for a mail server

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Mon Jan 30 11:08:56 EST 2006

Donn Cave wrote:
> If we give him credit for having some idea of what he's talking about,
> then we could perhaps read his "encourages" as "makes trivially easy."
> These two languages are in such different levels with introspection
> that it seems kind of disingenuous to me to make this argument, frankly.

My impression when I compare Python with e.g. Java is this:
Java is designed to make to difficult to do the wrong thing.
Python is designed to make it easy to do the right thing.

Designing the language so that potentially problematic
constructs are obscure and difficult to do is not considered
a virtue in the Python community. If something is difficult
to use, people will make more mistakes trying to use it. The
right design choices should be actively encouraged by making
them easy and accessible, not by making the alternatives hard.

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