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Veri ps270888 at
Thu Jan 19 11:43:19 EST 2006

Fuzzyman wrote:
> So you'e creating a Python API to a GUI, which generates HTML
> interfaces with appropriate callbacks to the relevant widgets. This API
> *resembles* the Qt API.


> What would be nice is a compatibility layer which means that the same
> application could be created for the Web or the desktop, just using the
> appropriate GUI toolkit (web or desktop). This wasa what I thought you
> were doing. With appropriate AJAX type calls it's not unfeasible.

The mentioned compatibility layer are the Renderer and a
RequestHandler. Instead of rendering html it would be possible to
render pixelbased widgets, the renderer could use any other
python-GUI-API to produce the layouts. But I don't really see why this
could be neccessary at the moment. Whatever works for the web can be
used via browser on the desktop as well. But it could be great to have
it the other way around. Imagine some Qt-based desktop application
being accessible via browser.


> All the best,
> Fuzzyman

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