advice required re migrating php app to python and most likely zope

Ken Guest ken at
Thu Jan 5 10:08:41 EST 2006

I've two relatively small web applications that are currently implemented in
PHP and needed to be migrated to python and most likely zope afterwards as
we're getting a third-party Zope powered CMS later this year.

There isn't an immediate need for them to be developed as zope
modules/extensions so I was wondering what the best approach might me -
especially as they'd be deployed in the middle of a PHP driven website.

Would I be best off to enable mod_python inside apache for the moment, writing
good modular reusable code that may|should need minimum tweaks for when our
Zope CMS comes on-line or should I go the full way and design the web apps for
Zope from day zero?


Ken Guest
Mobile: +353 86 8252 141

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