Is there a maximum length of a regular expression in python?

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Jan 20 22:24:03 EST 2006

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Bryan Olson]
>>>Does no one care about an internal error in the regular expression
> [Steve Holden]
>>Not one that requires parsing a 100 kilobyte re that should be replaced
>>by something more sensible, no.
> I care:  this is a case of not detecting information loss due to
> unchecked downcasting in C, and it was pure luck that it resulted in
> an internal re error rather than, say, a wrong result.  God only knows
> what other pathologies the re engine could tricked into exhibiting
> this way.  Python 2.5 will raise an exception instead, during regexp
> compilation (I just checked in code for this on the trunk; with some
> luck, someone will backport that to 2.4 too).

Just goes to show you, ignorance is bliss.
What would we do without you, Tim?

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