project ideas

Frank Niessink frank at
Thu Jan 19 13:48:16 EST 2006

Stephen Aichele schreef:
> I'm looking for ideas for an intermediate-level python project that 
> would allow me to touch on the following: 
> (a) use of oo design patterns in python 
> (b) threading 
> (c) socket programming 
> (d) wxPython gui interface 
> (e) possibly integrate with MySQL 
> To date I've acquired some experience with (b) through (e), so the main 
> thing is coming up with a project that's not overly-complex (read: huge) 
> but that still would benefit from the use of design patterns. 

Task Coach ( has (a) and (d). You're 
welcome to contribute (e). I don't see much use for threading and (low 
level) socket programming right now, but having a real database as 
back-end would be nice. User data is currently stored in XML files. Oh, 
you would have to add "(f) Test-driven development" to your list, hope 
that's not a problem :-)

Cheers, Frank

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