AW: Calling foreign functions from Python? ctypes?

Gerald Klix Gerald.Klix at
Tue Jan 10 13:25:23 CET 2006

I read the whol email thread carefully and could not find any sentence by
Guido, which states that he does not accept ctypes for the standard library.
He just declined to rewrite winreg. Did I miss something? 


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"Delaney, Timothy (Tim)" <tdelaney at> writes:

> Thomas Heller wrote:
>> As the author, I would be happy to see ctypes included with the 
>> standard Python build.
> I'm sure you know the magical incantation to get that to happen ...
> 1. Propose it on python-dev.
> 2. Commit to maintain it in the python core (or alternatively, propose 
> to use the ElementTree maintenance method).
> 3. Get it accepted by Guido.
> 4. Do it.
> If a library isn't put forward for inclusion by the *author*, it won't 
> be included - even if it's obviously best-of-breed. This was the 
> sticking point for ElementTree (until the author found out what was 
> going on and happily put it forward).

I have done 1.  I commit myself to 2.  I promise to do 3., if someone
convinces Guido to accept it (or whoever has the power to accept it).

This is my response to Martin v. Löwis, who wrote:

> I don't have such a plan. To my knowledge, ctypes has never been 
> contributed to Python, either, so its author apparently has no plan, 
> either.

It has been proposed to include it in core Python, but Guido didn't accept
it.  The thread starts here:

And Guido's last word was this (see the end of the message):


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