Python code written in 1998, how to improve/change it?

Petr Jakes petr at
Fri Jan 20 00:53:54 CET 2006

Thanks for your comments,
The mentioned "8 years old" code actually works somehow.

I am trying to solve very similar problem about FSM as the code in the
example does and I do not want to be overburden by the if/elif stuff or
by declaring state functions (which IMHO is very similar approach as

Because of above mentioned, something like FSM-generator looks as a way
to go for me (if I can judge with my poor skills).

I am using Steve's book "Python Web Programming" which is actually the
best I have found about OOP, classes etc. but as a newbie I am just
lost with subclass and mapping attributes etc. while trying to study
the code in the example (

All I wanted to know, if, thanks to the improvements in the Python
functionality over the years, it is possible to simplify somhow the old

Otherwise I have to dig through :)

Petr Jakes

I agree and I do understand the reasons why NOT to use GOTO statements
in the code (aka spaghetti code).

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