Work with Windows workgroups under Python?

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Tue Jan 3 04:57:18 EST 2006

[Karlo Lozovina]
| I'm running Python 2.4 under WinXP Pro, and I would like to 
| do some basis 
| operations on my LAN - get list of workgroups, list the 
| computers in each 
| workgroup and possibly connect to specific computer and get 
| share/directory list? Is there some Pythonic way of doing 
| this? Or any 
| other less Pythonic way?

If you search this mailing list / newsgroup on Google
Groups (or however else you want) looking for, say,
windows shares, you will find quite a few people who
have already asked and/or answered this question in
various ways.

If their answers don't seem to meet your need, perhaps
you might then come back and ask something more specific.

Hopefully helpfully
Tim Golden

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