[Python for .NET] Any plans for supporting CLR2.0?

F. GEIGER f.geiger at vol.at
Sun Jan 22 12:10:12 EST 2006

Terry Reedy wrote:

> "F. GEIGER" <fgeiger at datec.at> wrote in message
> news:dqtq0i$9uh$1 at news.hispeed.ch...
>> I'm on .NET/CLR2.0 and would like to use some stuff from w/i Python. The
>> "Python for .NET" file name suggests that CLR1.1 is needed. Is that
>> right? Any known plans to change this?
> Most responders here use CPython.  The IronPython users mailing list,
> mirrored as gmane.comp.python.ironpython.users (see gmane.org) would more
> likely give you an authoritative answer.

Sorry, for not being precise about "Python for .NET": I didn't mean
IronPython, which I'am aware of, I meant

> Terry J. Reedy

Kind regards

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