Paul Rubin http
Mon Jan 30 03:35:09 CET 2006

Terry Hancock <hancock at> writes:
> Of course, in the original concept, the interviewer is the
> straight man asking Allen's character about the "obviously"
> esoteric and high-tech field of computers for which someone
> like him is "obviously" not qualified.  His statement that
> his Aunt has a computer was as incongruous in 1969 as
> claiming that she had a Saturn V or a Space Shuttle in her
> back yard.

I never saw that movie but there's a scene sort of like it in "Blast
from the Past".  Basically a guy with a 1960's science education
(because he grew up in an underground bomb shelter) emerges into the
world of the 90's.  When he's told that his friend has a personal
computer, his reaction is "His own computer?!  You mean, inside the
house?!" etc.

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