Win32 Binary-only for 2.3.x?

Neil Benn benn at
Thu Jan 5 15:32:10 CET 2006

Mike Meyer wrote:

>dumpingrounds at writes:
>>Yeah, I guess that is one route to go down.  It just seems, I don't
>>know, hacky.  I will try it though, if I can't find the binaries online
>>by themselves.  I don't think it's a question of being "hard to do"
>>using the method you suggested, I just find it really odd that the only
>>method of delivery for win32 platform (for end users, at least) is via
>>an MSI.  
>Not quite. End users can install from sources. It's just a lot more
>work than using an MSI.
>>I don't know, maybe it's just me :P
>Possibly you're the only one who is happy with prebuilt binaries and
>at the same time unhappy with using an MSI?
>Which leads to the question - exactly what do you dislike about
>getting an MSI?
>        <mike

          For distribution, it can often be easier to simply dump the 
files onto the hard drive than run an MSI in silent mode, you can run an 
MSI in silent mode but it involves bit more mucking about.  Running an 
MSI out of silent mode is not an option, if your installer starts firing 
up other windows (command prompt or otherwise) - it looks amateurish and 

    Certainly installing python on a box for a developer or to 
support/install an in-house app, the MSI is fine and preferable.




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