Can a simple a==b 'hang' in and endless loop?

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Thu Jan 19 18:16:04 CET 2006

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 Claudio Grondi <claudio.grondi at> wrote:
> You seem here to try to give a definition of the term 'value' for 
> Python. If I understand it right, the definition of the term can't be 
> generally given for many reasons. It depends at least on type and in 
> advanced usage it can be arbitrary defined or changed.


> That is why I mean, that it makes no sense to talk in Python about 
> value. I see not much sense in taking existing term in order to redefine 
> it for a new context - the result is always increase of confusion. Let 
> give it another name in order to know, that it must be defined for the 
> context it is used before it becomes meaningful.
> Any suggestions?

Aargh, you are so close.  The thing you're talking about is,
exactly, "value".  The realization you just had, that is so valid,
is that it is futile to talk about value, per se.  Changing the
word you use will do nothing to improve this.

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