Marshal Obj is String or Binary?

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Jan 15 11:47:48 EST 2006

Mike wrote:
>>Well, the Cookbook isn't an exhaustive list of everything you can do
>>with Python, it's just a record of some of the things people *have* done.
> Considering I am a newbie, it's a good start for me...
>>I presume your database has no datatype that will store binary data of
>>indeterminate length? Clearly that would be the most satisfactory solution.
> PostgreSQL. I think the only two thing it doesn't do is wash my car and
> code my software. Well, that's up until you use it in conjunction with
> Django, then the only work left is to wash my car, which I can't care
> less either. We'll wait for some rain :)
So this question was primarily theoretical, right?

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