OT: Degrees as barriers to entry [was Re: - E04 - Leadership! Google, Guido van Rossum, PSF]

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[much stuff deleted that I mostly agree with to get at an interesting
chunk of disagreement]

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Steven D'Aprano  <steve at REMOVETHIScyber.com.au> wrote:
>By contrast, today's professional bodies like law, medicine etc. have
>independent standards of skill that must be met. I don't wish to deny
>that knowing the right people can help smooth the procedure of becoming
>a doctor, lawyer, etc., but failing to have an uncle who is a lawyer is no
>barrier to becoming a lawyer, provided you can pass the bar exam. That is
>very different from the guild system.

Unfortunately, this isn't quite true.  Medicine and law both require the
passing of an apprenticeship, so there's still some room for favoritism
and blackballing.
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