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Tue Jan 24 17:00:53 EST 2006

eww a écrit :
(top-post corrected)
> bruno at modulix wrote:
>>ewaguespack at wrote:
>>>i put this together to fix a bunch of files with wierd names, please
>>>gimme feedback, i am a newbie
>>Ok, so let's go... Hope you won't hate me too much !-)

(snip program and comments)

 > thanks for the feedback!

You're welcome. Feel free to ask for more details here if you're unsure 
about some particular point of it.

 > I'll work on your suggestions.

So while you're at it, please follow this one too: avoid posting back 
the whole post you're answering to. Keep the relevant parts only and put 
your answers where appropriate... Readability is important - and not 
only in source code !-)

bruno at modulix

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