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Thu Jan 12 14:40:13 CET 2006

Mikalai a écrit :
>> While talking about SOAPpy module, I'm facing an authentication problem
>> with it:
>> I'm consuming a WebServices server requiring authentication, and I did
>> not found yet how to give authentication code (username:password) while
>> calling any mehode of the webservice.
> In Apache+mod_python I use apaches authentication and ssl. Simply works
here is my code sample:
wsdlFile = 'http://MYuser:MYpass@MYserver:8080/MYservices/MYservice?wsdl'
MYservice = WSDL.Proxy(wsdlFile)
print server.methods.keys()
# there is a method named searchAnything
resultat = MYservice.searchAnything(param_1, etc. ..., param_n)
while executing this call, SOAPpy does not send http authorization 
header line:
Authorization: Basic <here is crypted form of MYuser:MYpass>
and the call fails, with error code:

<faultstring>java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find 
resource for bundle org.apache.axis.i18n.ProjectResourceBundle, key 

So there is 2 phases:
1/Service acquisition
2/Methode call

and between them, user:pass is lost somewhere ...

thanks for any help

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