batch tiff to jpeg conversion script

Martin Miller ggrp1.20.martineau at
Wed Jan 11 16:58:29 EST 2006

rtilley at wrote:
> Hi Peter. The guy who takes the pictures uses Photoshop to convert
> tiffs to jpegs one by one. When he does a 'Maxium Quality' conversion
> in Photoshop and I do a 100% quality conversion with Python and PIL,
> the two converted files are almost identical and this is what he
> wants... that's the only reason I'm using 100% quality. Thanks for the
> info!

Allow me interject two observations:

1) You should tell the guy using Photoshop what Peter pointed out
regarding the Jpeg Quality setting.

2) Although it wouldn't be as flexible as your Python script, it's
completely possible and fairly easy to automate such a conversion
within Photoshop using 'Actions', which are like recorded macros,
coupled with the Automate | Batch... submenu.


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