Cross Compile Mips / Linux

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Wed Jan 11 17:30:03 CET 2006

nickpreiser at <nickpreiser at> wrote:
>  Has anyone successfully built for Mips/Linux using a PC for the
>  build??, Should I try using a Linux based machine for the build,
>  would that help??

One thing you could try is to build a linux/mips file system image
(say debian which support mips) and run it with quemu on your PC.

  MIPS R4K target Emulation
  Operating System                State   Tested QEMU version
  GNU/Linux 2.6.14 Debian         OK      0.8.0 

I've used a similar technique to cross build stuff for ARM.  I found
the debian ARM python quite sufficient for my needs so I didn't have
to build that!

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