Have you any idea how to make window transparent using pygame?

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Mon Jan 30 17:37:51 EST 2006

Terry Hancock schrieb:
> On 30 Jan 2006 08:52:04 -0800
> "kishkin" <kishkin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I just want to make window transparent. ;) At this moment
>> I've found only ideas of taking screenshots to make
>> background... Anything else?
> You are looking for "alpha" surfaces.  In a full RGBA
> surface, the "A" or "alpha" represents the degree of
> transparency of the surface for each pixel.  There is also
> such a thing as a per-surface alpha, etc.
> The documentation can be had from the PyGame website at
> http://www.pygame.org. You will also find a link to a
> PyGame-specific mailing list, which is really the best place
> to ask about this sort of thing.

That alone won't help. First of all, the alpha only is applied to the 
contents of the pygame window - so you need to capture the background 
behind that first and put it in the window as background. But if that 
background changes, you won't be notified.

But that still won't rid you of the window decorations...
I guess one could do that with OS-specific calls to window-handles or 
the like (and in PyObjc its a no-brainer, as the Mac windowing-system
  supports that natively)

But in pygame, there is no API for that.



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