LocaWapp: localhost web applications (v.03 - 2005 Dec 31)

LocaWapp rdjdvd at inwind.it
Sun Jan 1 11:15:42 EST 2006


LocaWapp: localhost web applications (v.03 - 2005 Dec 31)

Copyright (c) 2005 RDJ
This code is distributed for your utility but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.


- Run:

python run.py

- and browse:


- You can change the port:

python run.py 8081

- You can develope with this framework:

HTML(CSS,JS) + Python = LocaWapp

- Put your application folder in root directory:


- Your application must have "init" and "main" files (for convention):

....other web applications (ex. main2.py)
....your files or folders (ex. your [static])

- main.py is a web application, then it has "locawapp_main" function:

def locawapp_main(request):
	html = [...String...]
	return lwa.makeResponse(html)

- See locawapp.main.py and locawapp.common.py

- You can find me in "comp.lang.python" newsgroup

- New applications:

lwaUtils - LocaWapp Utilities
lwaUtils.files.py - files manager (under costruction)
lwaUtils.editor.py - source editor (under costruction)

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