StringIO proposal: add __iadd__

Tom Anderson twic at
Mon Jan 30 18:35:28 EST 2006

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, Alex Martelli wrote:

> Paul Rubin <> wrote:
>> Maybe the standard versions of some of these things can be written in 
>> RPython under PyPy, so they'll compile to fast machine code, and then 
>> the C versions won't be needed.
> By all means, the C versions are welcome, I just don't want to lose the 
> Python versions either (and making them less readable by recoding them 
> in RPython would interfere with didactical use).

Is RPython really that bad? Lack of generators seems like the only serious 
issue to me.

>> But with CPython I think we need the C versions.

Unless we use Shed Skin to translate the RPython into C++. Or maybe we 
could write the code in Pyrex, generate C from that for CPython, then have 
a python script which strips out the type definitions to generate pure 
python for PyPy.


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