pythonic way of making a config module

andrew.fabbro at andrew.fabbro at
Wed Jan 18 11:01:00 EST 2006

I'm working on an app that will be deployed on several different
servers.  In each case, I'll want to change some config info (database
name, paths, etc.)

In perl, I would have done something like this:

  Package Config;
  <some exporting mechanics>
  $dbname = "somename";

And then use'd the module and referenced the vars as $Config::dbname.

What is a pythonic equivalent?  These vars are only changed usually at
install time.

I could set up a class and then instantiate it, but that seems a
waste...I guess what I'm looking for is either (a) a way to suck
variables into a namespace keeping a prefix (without having to prefix
all the vars with something like config_) - e.g., reference them as
config.dbname or something - is this execfile? or (b) class variables,
which is the route I usually take in Java if not using preferences,

I'm aware of configParser and such, and could certainly write a module
that parses a configuration file, but using a native python module
seems the easiest.  I want to do something reasonably pythonic so the
python Gods do not smite me for some stupid perlism ;)


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