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Sat Jan 28 00:34:41 EST 2006

Here's what I think should go in the standard library:

- A set of battle-hardened WSGI gateways (CherryPy's WSGI server,
ISAPI-WSGI, mpcp, PEP-333's CGI gateway, flup's fastcgi and scgi
support). I think that if we included a WSGI app server with a snazzy
administration user interface (ala ColdFusion), it would be a pretty
cool thing to have.

- Defined WSGI middleware API for common components of many web
frameworks. For example, most frameworks need to map a request to a
piece of code somewhere. Many need to use a "pull" templating model.
Many need to load configuration values, etc. Web-sig should define an
API and a set of environ WSGI keys to implement all this functionality
in a pluggable manner. I made a stab at that here:

-peter hunt

Kay Schluehr skrev:

> I'd be interested in what people think about bundling one of the
> diverse Python webframeworks with the Python distribution which will be
> "just there" as like Tcl/Tk+Tkinter for GUI-programming. Its not that I
> don't trust people to make qualified decisions on their own or that I
> actually believe in one single best solution. It's more a symbolic
> action of bundling forces and attention.
> Kay

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