Any wing2.0 users here?

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Mon Jan 2 23:16:10 CET 2006

Jarek Zgoda wrote:
> Alvin A. Delagon napisał(a):
>>emacs has been my long time companion for php, perl, and python. My boss
>>recommended to me Wing2.0, I find it hard to adjust though. What can you
>>say about this IDE? He say's if I think it could improve my productivity
>>he's willing to buy it for me. Suggestions  for better python IDE's are
>>welcome! Thanks in advance! ^_^
> Never used any IDE for a long time with Python, as any of them lacked
> "the thing I would be willing to spend $$$ for". I couldn't go for Java
> without Eclipse's debugger, but I am happy to write Python code without
> debugger. Strange, isn't?
Not strange for me.

To be honest, the more experience I have, the less I can understand what 
a debugger is for. Can't even remember when used one last time. This is 
valid also for programming in C/C++ or Java, so in my eyes the 
"Debugger? No, Thanks!" is not limited only to Python or other script 
programming languages.

Any professional programmer here who were really missing something very 
important when forced to program without a sofisticated debugger?
If yes, could it be, that they program hardware driver or operating 
system kernels?


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