New website ?

Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at
Thu Jan 19 03:05:12 CET 2006

JW wrote:

> Tim the Taller (I presume he's taller; he's Dutch) and the other critics
> fail to realize is that no one reads "content".

I disagree completely. I wouldn't touch a new language or technology 
without first reading content. Neither would my boss, or any other 
manager for that matter. This is not a watch, a garment, a toothpaste or 
a burger. It is a software product, which needs a lot of content. Of 
course it is hard to get the right amount of content that neither 
overwhelms nor conveys the message.

> I'm assured that in print ads the only "content" anyone reads is in
> picture captions, and you damn well better make sure your message is
> conveyed there. Any other "content" only wastes space. I see no reason to
> think that a web page should be designed using any other assumption.

The few words in captions should indeed be conveying the message. Which 
brings up a good question - what message does want to convey? 
Is doing that?


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