another docs problem - imp

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Mon Jan 9 23:01:09 EST 2006

Tony Meyer wrote:
> [rurpy at]
> > Another Python docs problem...
> >
> > I was trying to use imp.find_module().
> > [...]
> > I saw not a hint of this in the docs.  In fact
> > they seem to say that the first (unworking)
> > form *should* work.  Bye bye about two
> > hours altogether...
> >
> > I thought I would post this and hopefully help
> > someone else in the future (since I noticed
> > an unanswered posting here from Mar 2005
> > about the same problem.)
> Why not submit a bug report/patch for the documentation?

I will.

> Documentation patches are fine in plain text (the maintainers will
> take care of the necessary markup) and a submitted report will get
> attended to, even it if takes a while - a post here is more-than-
> likely to be missed by those that maintain the documentation.  It

I didn't post here for the maintainers' sake.  The answer is
right in the text you quoted.
> would take about the same amount of time as a post...

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