MySQLdb - Query/fetch don't return result when it *theorically* should

Bernard Lebel 3dbernard at
Thu Jan 19 11:10:54 EST 2006

Thanks a lot for the explanations Alan. That really helped.


On 1/19/06, Alan Franzoni < at> wrote:
> Bernard Lebel on comp.lang.python said:
> > I'm absolutely flabbergasted.
> As I told you, i think this is related to the isolation level - I really
> think it's a feature of the DB you're using - this way, until you commit,
> your database lies in in the very same state on the same connection.
> Suppose you make one query, and then you make another one, and you then
> decide, on these result, to take a certain action on your DB; in the
> meantime (between Q1 and Q2) another user/program/thread/connection might
> have done a different operation on the very same db, and so you would be
> getting a Q1 results from a certain state in the DB, while Q2 from a
> different state, thus misleading you to take an inopportune action.
> committing the connection syncs the state you're looking at with the actual
> DB state.
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