add pexpect to the standard library, standard "install" mechanism.

funkyj funkyj at
Thu Jan 19 12:50:45 EST 2006

I love pexpect because it means I may never have to use expect again (I
don't do any heavy expect lifting -- I just need simple tty control)!

As a python advocate I find it embarassing how difficult it is do the
following in python (without pexpect):

- logon to a remote system using ssh
- do an 'ls' and exit the remote shell
- print the output from the remote shell session.

pexpect, of course, makes this childs play (see the pexpect
example for one way to do this).

I'm surprised that, as useful as pexpect is, it has not been included
in the standard python library.  How can we get this wonderful package
in the standard library?

TANGENT: it would be nice if python included a standard "tarfile
install" program to make installing 3rd party packages like pexpect

   bash $ pinstall_tarfile   foo-pkg.tgz

This install program would
+ look at your sys.path for a suitable install directory
+ check for appropriate directory permissions
+ check whether the tarfile extracts to the CWD or a subdir
  (the rest of the script is adjusted accordingly -- assume subdir
+ tell the user where you plan to install the package.  confirm
   that this is OK.
+ extract the tarfile and create/update the foo.pth file.

Perhaps such an install script is already in the standard python
library and I just haven't stumbled across it?


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