Numarray, numeric, NumPy, scpy_core ??!!

Sébastien Boisgérault Sebastien.Boisgerault at
Sun Jan 22 15:25:30 CET 2006

Robert Kern wrote:
> J wrote:
> > I will just jump in an use NumPy. I hope this one will stick and evolve
> > into the mother of array packages.
> > How stable is it ? For now I really just need basic linear algebra.
> > i.e. matrix multiplication, dot, cross etc

Same concern for me.

I discovered recently that I could not rely on numeric anymore
because 'eigenvalue' is now broken on my platform. This bug
has been referenced but not corrected AFAIK. Too bad that
numeric is not actively maintained anymore. Easy-to-install,
good doc, well-thought interface, really good stuff !

Bye-bye Numeric !

By the way, I tried numpy 0.9.4 10 minutes ago and guess
what ? 'eigenvalue' is broken too ... (hangs forever)

I do really hope the numpy will become the robust, best-of-breed
Python Array/Matrix lib that many people are waiting for. But in
the meantime, it's back to Matlab :(


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