Calling DLL with several data fields in output params

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Jan 28 21:31:22 EST 2006

Java script Dude wrote:
> I basically need to write a script that will make calls to a DLL and
> parse the return result for API calls that consist of several data
> fields in the input and output parameters.
> [Questions]
> [q1] Is ctypes the right Python library to use for this interaction.
> . . . . . I know about calldll but it seems quite poorly documented.

ctypes replaces and improves on calldll, which whether poorly documented 
or not is unsupported.  It can do whatever you need.

> [q2] Are there any existing windows DLLs that one could use to build
> simplified test code.

Can't help you.  There are obviously many windows DLLs in existence, and 
any one of them might be suitable to you, but you'll have to judge that 

Why wouldn't you just use the target DLL that you already have?


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