Authenticating to Kerberos

Michael Ströder michael at
Mon Jan 30 10:34:44 EST 2006

David wrote:
> Are there any modules that I could use to authenticate against Kerberos
> (perhaps there is another module will do just the auth, e.g. for LDAP?).

If you already have a TGT (after kinit) you can use python-ldap (built
with OpenLDAP, cyrus-sasl and heimdal or MIT libs) to authenticate
against an LDAP server with SASL bind and SASL mech GSSAPI. But that's
probably not what you're after.

If you provide more information about your KDC and infrastructure there
might be a solution:
With some tightly integrated configurations a LDAP simple bind against
an LDAP server checks the same "password" as the Kerberos Domain
Controller (e.g. MS AD or heimdal KDC with OpenLDAP backend).

Ciao, Michael.

Michael Ströder
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